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The Sinful Wolf Desires
To Tear Humans Apart
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9th-Sep-2013 12:55 am - january 9 ~ monday ~ before school
A few students walked past the gates that had the characters forming Gakuin High inscribed on it. Shuichi stood just off campus, dreading the day ahead of him. It was his first day back to school since the end of second term. It was his first day out of the house since leaving the hospital after the accident. Shuichi had been attacked when attempting to carry out his business duties. His eye was not salvageable. The glass shard had punctured the eye, causing irrevocable damage. He would never be able to see out of it again. An eyepatch covered the injured eye and the stitches found just under the eye that had repaired the eye socket. They were to be removed by the end of the week.

His other eye was in better shape before the incident. His father saw to it that he was given laser surgery to repair his vision. After all, he wouldn’t be able to wear his glasses with an eye patch. Shuichi had been thrown into a fit of giggles when he opened his eye after the surgery, able to see more clearly than he had ever been able to before out of the eye.

The worst part of it all was that his ability to handle business was being questioned. He knew from the moment the situation went wrong that it would hurt his reputation. His father seemed to be concerned at first, but once his son was sitting in the recovery bed in the hospital, he didn’t waste time to interrogate Shuichi, asking him how he let this happen, how he expected to take over the Ichigo business if he couldn’t take care of the trash, how he could have brought embarrassment to the family. He was to be suspended from family work. When it is decided that he was capable of handling work again, he would be given baby assignments and Wakashi would be his shadow at every job.

He tugged at the bottom of his coat out of habit. He was not looking forward to the school day. If it had been his choice, he would have gone back to homeschooling.
30th-Jul-2013 11:04 pm - january 1 ~ sunday ~ roppongi
The sun had escaped passed the horizon for the day, and what little pink it had painted the sky had all but vanished. Shuichi tugged at his coat, pulling it closer to his body for warmth. He stood before a building that had a large poster advertisement of beautiful women patrons could spend money to be with. The hostess bar was located in Roppongi, an area Shuichi had visited frequently in the past, but normally when the sun was high in the sky. The district in the Minato ward was alive at night. People scantily dressed were beginning to populate the streets and the lights danced across the city. It was intimidating.

Shuichi pushed the door to the hostess club open. He was alone, here on official Ichigo family business. He had accompanied his father before on similar business, but today would be the first day he was alone. The Ichigo family was involved with the northern Yakuza unit. The north was different from the south in that it dealt with drug and human trafficking, while the south focused on black market trading of guns and running a monopoly on markets like the southern sea fishing port. The hostess bar was ran by the northern Yakuza, the girls on the poster most likely having spent their lives being sold in trafficking until they ended up here.

Shuichi’s appearance today was to inform the owner that the Yakuza was unhappy with the numbers as of late. A visit from an Ichigo associate meant you had better turn your income statement around or face punishment, or worse, removal. For that reason, the Ichigo name insinuated fear among the scum working for the Yakuza. Shuichi loved it.

Shuichi walked up to the counter and asked to speak with a name he had been practicing since he had set off to the bar. His father never used cue cards, so he shouldn’t have to either. A guy emerged from back, worry plaguing his face. That is until he saw Shuichi. He had been expecting someone threatening, someone of worth, someone not the 5’3” that Shuichi was. He sneered.

Shuichi’s eyes narrowed. “Ando. There was a significant drop in revenues this past mon-“ The man started laughing, interrupting Shuichi. He gritted his teeth and tried to start again, but was again prevented from speaking. “What in hell is this? A fucking kid? They sent a fucking kid here to intimidate me?” Ando was walking from behind the counter towards Shuichi, the other workers also coming towards him.

Shuichi mistakenly took a step back, almost bumping into a table, his confidence wavering. “I-I am not a kid. I am an h-heir to the Ichigo family name. A-and I will have you punished for talking to me like that.” The name meant nothing to this guy, who was fed up with the Yakuza. He was in their debt, not a member of it. And he felt his debt was long paid off.

“Punished, eh? Fucking kid says he can have me punished. He’s gonna go cry to daddy. Daddy shoulda never sent a baby born of golden pacifier out to the real world. Fucking prat.” Ando spat at the ground in front of Shuichi. Anger swelled in Shuichi, having never been disrespected like that prior. Normally his mind would be telling him to leave and let the higher ups deal with Ando. But with this being his first job, he didn’t want for them to think he was incompetent. So he reacted. He grabbed what he could, a glass plate from the table, and flung it straight at Ando. He wasn’t far from the guy, so it struck true, hitting Ando right in mouth and knocking the man backwards. As the plate fell to the floor, shattering, Ando brought his hand to his bloody mouth.

“Fucking bastard,” he mumbled, his words turning to a shout. “Fucking kid, you won’t get the chance to tell daddy nothing.” Ando grabbed the biggest piece of the plate from the ground and started charging Shuichi. Terrified, Shuichi tried to dart to the side, but found himself trapped by the other workers who had already moved to block his exits. He went the one way he could, jumping on the table. As he jumped from the table over the seats, Ando grab a hold of his ankle, sending him falling towards the ground. Ando’s other arm swung at Shuichi’s face as he fell.

Pain. Shuichi was on the ground and in pain. He couldn’t see. He brought his hand up to his face, finding warm liquid. His glasses were missing, and something felt wrong. Before he could figure out what had happened, a boot collided with his side, knocking the wind out of him. Another kick on the other side made contact with him. He pulled his legs closer to him to block the hits.
15th-Jun-2011 08:49 pm - December 22 ~ Thursday ~ Food Place
 With his chopsticks, Shuichi poked at his yakisoba, lacking the motivation to eat it. To not eat it would be a waste, seeing as he went through all the effort to travel to this shop, which was supposedly renowned for having the best yakisoba in the area. Honestly, it didn't look nor taste much different from the next guy's yakisoba. The restaurant was visually appealing, and the smells didn't disappoint. Perhaps the food had more credit than Shuichi was willing to give it. He was grumpy and refused to see the positive in anything. Anything and everything was just proving to be a nuisance to him. He was beginning to regret coming out today.

The only reason he had decided to venture out today was because it was his birthday. Normally, he would be spoiled rotten with presents and foods of every delicacy. He would be waited on hand and foot (though the maids did that on any other day as well), if only he was at home. Instead, Shuichi was stuck at an apartment complex alone, other than Washio, who kept to himself. Washio attempted to have a tiny birthday party for Shuichi today, but Shuichi proclaimed that it was childish, and refused. Washio took that as Shuichi wanting to be left alone today, and he honored his cousin's wishes. Once Shuichi realized that Washio wasn't going to be catering to him today and making him a special meal, Shuichi stormed off to make the best of rest of the day.

So he ended up at this yakisoba food shop because it was supposed to be among the best. The dinner only acted to remind him how lonely he was. He had the best noodles in the area, but no one to enjoy it with. Somehow, that took the quality out of the meal, and it left Shuichi in a bad mood. He almost considered leaving his plate there and heading home. However, he was taught well in etiquette and leaving his food unfinished would only be an insult to the chef. Shuichi took another bite. He had to make the best of it.
16th-Feb-2009 09:50 pm - December 15 ~ Thursday ~ Sports Track
Sensei: Kazushiya Shimada
Classmates: Kasai, Kira, Maikeru, Matthew, Okita, Ryoko, Shige, Shuichi, Sumara, Yumi

Track practice ended late. One last meet before the winter break kept the track team out on the field even in the cold. Shuichi complained and huffed over the weather every practice. By the time he left the school, his cheeks were stained pink from the chill.


He lingered in the cubbies, enjoying the heat the school offered. Just as he decided to brave the cold and head home, a large group of students cut in front of him, passing through the door first. Shuichi’s eyes narrowed as he whispered silent curses at their back.


Once outside, the chilly air cooled his skin. As Shuichi pulled his coat more closely around him, his eyes wondered towards the group that had left just seconds before him. They were laughing and talking and enjoying one another’s company. One of the students offered their house to the others and they agreed without hesitating. Altogether, the group turned in one general direction as they headed towards their friend’s house.


Shuichi watched them leave with envy. Every day, he went home to his apartment alone. He did everything independent, and he told himself that he was too good for the company of others. Still, even the television seemed empty after a few hours.


Pushing his glasses further up the bridge of his nose, Shuichi headed in the direction of home.


Sensei: Kazuyuki Ikumori
Classmates: Kasai, Kasumi, Kazuya, Kurosaki, Masao, Okita, Saki, Shuichi, Yuki
Original Project Post: http://lifexisaxgame.livejournal.com/1906.html

Grudgingly, Shuichi walked in his classroom. It had been a long week following the festival. The holiday yesterday only made it seem to be dragging even more so. He was tired and in no mood for early morning projects.

Coincidentally, Ikumori had a project planned for the class. It was a project based on keeping cool under pressure. Students would be partnered up. One partner would ask  a series of questions while the other continuously talked about whatever the current subject was.  After four minutes, they would switch roles.

As Ikumori explained the project, Shuichi sunk further down his seat. He exceled in every business related class he had except this one. He hated public speaking. He hated speaking in front of his classmates. Washio always poked fun of him at it. He would have to develop speaking skills in the future. Washio insisted that he do his best in this class to help him build charisma.

The groups were as follow:
Kasumi and Yuki
Kazuya and Kasai
Kurosaki and Okita
Saki and Shuichi
Masao and NPC

Shuichi looked around the class confused. Who was Arashi? The name didn't sound familiar to him.

(Note: Masao's November 26 post explains Masao wasn't in class today, so I'll just make his partner an NPC)

Of all the ways to spend a day off from school, Shuichi was at work.  It all began when he asked his parents if it would be possible for him to come home for Thanksgiving.  The feasts the chefs cooked up at his house were superb. His parents had already made other plans which Shuichi believed to be a private dinner for the two, and his request was denied.  So as to keep Shuichi from being angry over the matter, his parents had arranged for Washio-sama to get him more hours at the coffee shop on Thanksgiving Day.  

His parent's plan had backfired.  Instead of Shuichi sitting at home dreaming of the delicacies he could be having, he was at work, bored, aggravated, and dreaming of the delicacies he could be having.  He had taken the stool he had claimed for his own and pulled it up to the counter where he sat.  His head was rested in one arm as his other arm drew invisible figures on the counter.  Earlier, he was drumming his fingers on the counter, but after receiving a negative comment which further irrated him, he stuck to tracing pointless shapes with his finger.
30th-Jul-2006 01:01 am - October 21 ~ Friday ~ Towards Sunset
Shuichi walked briskly towards the coffee shop he worked at. It was getting dark, the street lights were already on. He worked the night shift tonight. Tomorrow he would catch up on needed sleep during school.

It had been a week since Shuichi had gotten the note from Sawada Leo. He had the very note with him tonight, hidden in his pocket. Leo had wanted to talk to him about something. Something he couldn't find the words to write on paper.

Passing the ramen shop and the pizza shop, Shuichi pushed open the door to the coffee shop. A tiny bell dinged as the door opened, but hardly a person there looked over. The main crowd that came in throughout the day was gone now. Most people were at the bars now. They would be in later though to get coffee to get them undrunk, or so they thought it would.

Shuichi glanced quickly around the crowd, searching to see if Leo was there already. Earlier that day, Shuichi had hurried out of his last period class to get to the shoe cubbies before anyone else. He had slipped a note into Leo's cubby that said if Leo wanted to talk, for him to stop by the coffee shop tonight. He had given a time that was sometime after Shuichi was to arrive at work, but for all he knew, Leo could have shown up early.

Not seeing the boy from where he stood, Shuichi went to his position behind the counter. Business was slow, giving Shuichi time to get started on his homework as he waited for Leo.

((ooc- I got Leo's typist permission to say Leo was in school this Friday!))
25th-Jun-2006 09:55 pm - October 13 ~ Thursday ~ After School
Shuichi walked up the concrete pathway leading to the housing complex. He was in his school uniform, and in his hand, he carried a small briefcase styled bookbag that had unfinished homework in it.

Entering the building, he headed straight for the elevator. Today he had had track practice after school, so really didn't feel like climbing all those flights of stairs between here and the top floor. To his dismay, the elevator was closed for maintainence check.

He slowly began the long climb, dragging his feet up the stairs. There was a lot of activity at the complex today. People were enjoying their last few weeks of summer. As Shuichi went along, many of the people would stop and bow politely, some even greeting him. This was especially true with the wives. Shuichi was used to this behaviour though. His dad was their boss. They only lived here because they worked where they did. If Shuichi got mad at them, there was a chance he could complain to his father and get them fired. Then they would be kicked out of the apartments and left on the streets.

Arriving at the door to his apartment, Shuichi pulled out his house key and opened the door quietly. He left his shoes to the side of the door and began heading to his room. Something was odd though. He heard talking.

He rounded around a different way towards the family room. There Kiyokoto was on his phone talking. He was talking in his business tone voice instead of his normal gay sounding voice, as Shuichi called it. Shuichi didn't let himself come into view. He was more interested with what the conversation was about.

Kiyokata mentioned something that Shuichi couldn't quite hear, though he did manage to hear his name in it. The next few sentences he caught bits and pieces about revenge and a secret weapon. Shuichi leaned closer trying to hear more, but was too late. Kiyokata was now saying goodbye to the receiver.

Shuichi sulked to his room. He hated when he heard someone talking about him. It irked his nerves. Entering his room, he slammed the door shut behind him. He plopped onto his bed, still tired from the walk up there. A couple of minutes later, he remembered he still had that note Leo had given him in second hour. Sitting up, he reached into his pocket and pulled it out. He unfolded it to read it.

((OOC: Tell me what it says, Leo! :D ))
19th-Mar-2006 02:58 pm - October 6 ~ Thursday ~ 4th hour Art 1
{Art 1 - Aishida, Kasumi, Kazuo, Ritsuko, Shuichi}

Shuichi sat before a blank canvas. Today they were working on painting with oils. Their goal for today was to paint their inner demons.

Staring at the multi-colored oils, Shuichi had the urge to use the blacks and the dark greens. It wasn’t that those were his favorite colors; they just seemed to call out to him.

He tried to depict the “inner demon” inside him, but came up empty handed. He thought of things that caused him troubles: his father, the Yakuza, the Sawada’s, responsibility. The more he thought of these things, the further his mind seemed to sink away from any thread that could lead him to finish this dreadful project.

He eventually took some colors; the dark greens and blacks, and began to draw something; to draw anything.

He didn’t look at it as a whole. He didn’t want to. He had got the trance he needed to complete the piece. He wouldn’t see what his mind thought his “inner demons” were.

Has the time crept towards the end of class, Shuichi finished the drawing. He set the oils back in their original places, disregarded any stray marks that had been made unintentionally on his hands, and for the first time, really looked at the painting.

What he saw upset him. He had ended up drawing a boy sitting in the corner. The boy’s knees were drawn up before him, giving him a place to rest his folded arms which cradled his head. The corner was relatively dark, where most of the blacks had been used. The picture was on a small scale, making the boy in the corner to appear distant.

He was tempted to throw the picture in the trash. It couldn’t mean he was lonely or anything because he wasn’t. He had his family. He had Kiyokata. He had his friends at school. He couldn’t have been lonely...
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